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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

There Is Always Room For Dessert

The Cookies are passionate about a lot of things. This include movies, photos, travelling, and good food. :)
One of our favorite food places include Chili's, specifically the one at Greenbelt 1. The service there is great, and being regular customers, we have become endeared to the service staff. Hi, Pretzel! ;) Aside from the people, of course we love the food. And what is the best way to celebrate a great meal but with a sweet ending of yummy dessert. *yum*
ROUND 1 : The Cookies vs. Molten Chocolate Cake
The contrast of the cold vanilla ice cream with a nice chocolate shell on top of the warm chocolate lava cake was perfect! The delicious dessert was no match for the Cookies. As you can see on the above photos, the sweet stuff has been wiped clean off the plate. Hehehe.. >:)
ROUND 2 : The Cookies vs. High and Mighty Mud Pie
The layers of crushed Oreo cookies and vanilla ice cream with caramel bits in this "high and mighty" dessert truly were mouth-watering. The chocolate and caramel syrups criss-crossed on top of the dessert was not for mere aesthictics only as it added a nice sweet touch to the dessert. Too bad, the Cookies got beat by this mud pie. But there is always next time... Sweet revenge... Hihihi.... ;)
DISCLAIMER: The two desserts captioned were eaten on separate occasions. No need to nod your heads for finally figuring out how come The Cookies seem to have put on a lot of weight over the past year. We just have to put it out there. :P