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Monday, June 18, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Cineaste Anywhere

June 16, 2007
The Cathay, Orchard Road

A movie addict is a movie addict anywhere in the world. And so, I confess. In my only almost 2 month stint here in Singapore, I have been to three movies already. Hehehe... Pirates of the Carribean At World's End on May 26. Ocean's 13 on June 11. Fantastic 4 The Rise of the Silver Surfer on June 16. Going to the movies is a very expensive hobby here in Singapore. A movie tickets costs around 9 dollars. But in fairness, all of my movie experiences here have been pleasant so far. :)

We saw Fantastic 4 at The Cathay along Orchard Road. After the movie, we chit-chatted a bit at the theater lobby. And then a familiar figure caught my eye. I shrieked and left my group to run towards that all-too-familiar silhouette of yellow skin and bald head. Homer!!!

The Simpsons Movie will be running soon. If I am not mistaken, this July already. I can't wait. I just hope my Cookie is here to see the movie with me. I just love the Simpsons every since I was a kid. Hehe... Can't wait to see them on the big screen!

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