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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Road Blockage

Friday morning.
Same old morning rituals before heading off for work.

Take a bath. Check.
Brush teeth. Check.
That thing we (should) do (everyday). Check.
Dress for work. Check.

Okay, I am ready to get out and face the real world.

Open the door of the flat from the inside.
Close and lock it behind me.
Walk to the lifts.
Press the down button.
Walk towards the LRT - Ranggung station.

And there it was. I saw it just after hitting the button of the pedestrian stop light.


I never thought this happens even here where motorists and pedestrians are so mindful of traffic rules. Singapore is a "fine" city, you know, right?

Interesting. Hehe..

It just bothers me to imagine that I might get to used to being in Singapore that when I go back home, I just might get run over by a speedng jeepney or a tricycle during a red light. *Scared*

3 Cookie Thoughts:

Jenchel said...

hehe. parang nung umuwi ako ng Pinas, nagulat ako sa sight ng mga tambay sa kalye. hehe.

Princess Cookie said...

naku, eh 'di lalo na siguro pagsakay ng lrt sa atin. 'langya, tiyak, tatanda ako sa tren! hehehe...

jio said...

Namiss ko tuloy trapik sa Pinas. Hehe.

Yung paglipat ko nga pala ng blog ko, Jen, eh sa Wordpress. Mas nagustuhan ko mga features niya kesa Blogger. :-)