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Sunday, August 5, 2007

6 Weird Things About Princess Cookie aka The Obnoxious Levin aka JJ

Just when I thought I am stuck in another Sunday afternoon nightmare, I found myself tagged by Takejiro to write this blog. And boy am I thankful! Savior!!! Hehehe.. :D

1. I can eat (Philippine) green mango anytime of day. I remember this one occasion when I was still in college and in the process of completing the thesis. I stayed at my teammates home for a couple of months since I still was computer-less then. One night, I got hunger pangs and had only found green mangos on the dinner table. I downed it without blinking at 2 in the morning.

2. I can hardly stand the sight of lizards (all shapes and sizes), frogs, and snakes, for the plain and simple reason that I hate looking at their tongues sticking out. So gross. Really. Now you don't have to wonder why we don't have photos of the Reptile exhibits from the Singapore Zoo. And the pictures the Cookies took at the Crocodile farm had Princess Cookie faking a grin.

3. I don't eat canned corned beef. However, if it is the only edible food left on the planet, I think I would still eat it. But as long as I get a choice, no to corned beef. Why don't I eat corned beef...? Just because.

4. I only get a haircut once a year, usually at the start of the year. I enjoy watching my hair grow. That's why. I cut shoulder length around January or February, and let it grow. By the time I get another haircut the following year, my hair has almost reached waist length. My hair grows fast so I have no qualms cutting it short drastically. Photos taken in 2004-2005. Published in my ex-blog.

5. I always use bookmarks for my books. I hate seeing books getting "dog ears". I take pity on the book if I see people doing this. That's why the bookmark came into being to be used for this purpose, right? No to "dog-ears"!!!

6. I love taking photos that are senseless just for the heck of taking pictures. Hehehe... These are some snapshots I took of "normal day" Singapore with my Motorola L7.

2 Cookie Thoughts:

takejiro said...

whoa bilis nga tumubo ng hair mo! i know how you feel about corned beef. i feel the same about crabs kasi.

Princess Cookie said...

hehehe.. 'di ba? siguro if i just let it grow, hanggang sakong na siya in 4-5 years. :D

aw.. i love crabs, and prawn, and fish.. hehehehe.. *drool*