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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Heater, Down!

Since I came back from my brief home visit in the Philippines, I have not had a decent hot bath. Why? Simply because the water heater in the common bathroom has bailed out. So, for almost a month, it's a lukewarm bath with (very Pinoy) timba and tabo, and though it causes less hairfall for me, I still long for the steam of a hot bath.
How did this all begin? Well, almost a month back, the circuit breaker tripped on morning as I was taking a bath with the water heater on. Surprisingly, I was already in the middle of my routine when this happened. The circuit breaker tripping caused the power in the entire flat to shut down.
And the story goes on. I stopped using it as I am afraid of getting electrocuted, or something to that effect that I don't want to imagine this early in the morning.
The bottomline is, it hasn't been fixed yet, though I have already gotten in touch with the flat's agent, and two handymans.
But last night, finally, handyman Warren, the second one I contacted came. It was quite late already, but since he's already here, then he is very much welcome to have a look. And so, we found out what was wrong.
The handyman said, the heating element of the water heater is already spoiled. He also said that though this is reparable, it will be much too expensive than simply getting a new water heater. For the housecall, he didn't charge us anything. But the new water heater and installation would ring up around 290 SGD. However, according to the handyman, this brand will be more durable over the cheaper ones.
Eric and myself are still deciding on what to do about this. But in the meantime, he will speak with the flat's agent first and let the owner decide. As what my teammates from work advised, any house repairs that will amount to 100 SGD should be covered by the house owner, and this was supposed to be stipulated on the contract.
And so, until then, still no hot bath for me.

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