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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Leaving on a Jetplane

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go... Hehehe...

Yes, I am all set. Just waiting for Tuesday, and I will be back home. At least for a couple of days. I really needed the break, because though I have lots of friends here and enjoying my work, home sickness is too potent to fight off.

Yesterday, in preparation for my homecoming, I with my housemate Eric did some pasalubong shopping at Vivo City in Harbourfront. I got "tons" of stuff. Not only for pasalubong but I little something for me as well. Siyempre kahit papaano, I want my Mama to see that I am enjoying myself here and I can well take care of myself. Sniff.

But before the shopping began, a quick Happy Veg snack. You know I love prawns, right. And Happy Veg's Happy Veg Prawn is very close to our local okoy. So, I helped myself to one piece (1.50 SGD) and a cup of cold lemonade with bits of honey jelly with ice (1.50 SGD). Yum! :D

Let the shopping begin! Yay! :D We stopped by Toys 'R Us just to have a look around. And look at the nice overhead display at the Educational Toys section. My Cookie will love it had he been there. Hehehehe... Space fan. :D

We did I buy in this shopping spree? Well, a portable 160 GB hard disk at Challenger, a jacket from Esprit, a travel wallet from Samsonite, lots of chocolates from Candy Empire, and some cutie stuff from Mini Toons.

At around 4:30 pm, we headed for home. A quick stop at Compass Point to get the Chinese Deli my Mama and sis requested for. And all have been crossed out off my pasalubong list. Yay!

I can't wait to be home. :D

2 Cookie Thoughts:

jio said...

Ah, uwi rin ka pala, tulad ni Fred. Aga nang uwian niyo ah :-D.

Tama lang, habang bakasyon mode din mga Singaporeans dito.

Bumili ka rin pala ng 160GB hard disk sa Challenger.

Princess Cookie said...

yep, getting a bit homesick na eh. pupunuin ko harddisk sa pinas. >:)