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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Sunday Shopping

By some unknown reason, my headset microphone just bailed on my last night while I and my Cookie were chatting over at Skype (or was it on Yahoo! ?). And so, I had to pull my flabby buns out of bed to find a replacement. It took me to Compass Point - the nearest decent shopping center I know of which only one LRT ride from our flat. Surprisingly, the Compass Point shopping populace was not at its most today which made my little shopping adventure a bit more leisurely.
I got a Genius clip-on earphones with microphone at the Cyber Active shop on the third level. I think it is the only Computer shop in that mall.
Damage: 13.90 SGD. The seller says there's a one year warranty clause from Genius. And so, I think it is just okay to pay this much for a headset.
Too bad, there's only the blue one on stock. Other option is red.

I should be heading home now since I already had what I came for. But then, since I am out already, I thought of going on a little stroll at the mall. I know this is "DANGEROUS", but I went anyway.
I came across the bookstore, Popular. I went it, had a look around, and came out with one carrier containing these.
Some cardstock and a cute little puncher of a balloon. I can't resist it. And I tried... hard. Promise! ^_^
Damage: 3.50 SGD. 1.50 SGD for 50 grams of paper, and 2.00 SGD for the cute little craft puncher.
Okay. That's it. But then, as I was going down the escalator. It came flashing straight to me. End of Season Sale at Charles & Keith.
Okay, we'll have a quick look-around. But I also ended up leaving the store with a bag. Sigh. EQ too low today.

And since I am already at the mall, and the grocery is just several footsteps away, I decided to also stop by for a while. I need to get something for my bathroom. Somehow the funny odor won't go away even after I have cleaned it. I guess some people's stench just won't easily come off no matter how hard you try to make it vanish.

I bought something for the toilet. It should do what it promised on the label or I will never buy any product of that brand again.
And a little fruity snack for me. Thailand Guava. It pretty much looks like the one we have back home. But this one is rounder.

Of course, I was expecting the taste to be the same as what we have at home since this one looks very much like ours fromt he outside. But surprisingly, this one is sweeter by miles. The crunch is same though.
Munching on them now while writing this entry.
So, that's how my Sunday after noon was spent. Tomorrow's another work week. Sigh.
It's always a good thing to have something to look forward to. And so, in 12 days, it will be Cookie time once more. Yay! :D