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Friday, September 28, 2007

Singapore Adventure: My First Adobo

After a sudden downpour last weekend, the cookout at Eric, Marq, and Abel's flat was called off. And so, I am stuck with 20 pieces of chicken drummettes and 3 big chunks of pork belly.
What to do...???

The chicken, we had for lunch and dinner that same weekend. That's me with Hazel, Fred, and Jet at their flat. The first 10, I marinated in small lime juice, chili, garlic and fish sauce mixture. That's instant fried chili garlic chicken drummettes. The other 10, I marinated in my special barbecue mixture, which I fried also. No grilling today.
So the chicken's done. But the pork belly must somehow find its way to our tummies, too.

Ah... Adobo!!! :D

I asked my sister for my Mama's recipe, and with all the confidence I can gather, I went for it.

Tuesday, September 25, I served Hazel, Fred, and (birthday boy) Jet, my first pork adobo (with hard boiled eggs). Fortunately, it was a hit! Yay! :D

Congratulations to Hazel also for the wonderful Sweet and Sour Pork dinner last night. :D

2 Cookie Thoughts:

takejiro said...

inggit me!! bukas gagawa din ako ng adobo. post your recipe! :D

Princess Cookie said...


in a bowl, mix soy sauce, garlic, pepper corn, sugar. marinate pork. cook under low heat until meat is tender. put vinegar. season to taste. simmer.

very simple. ;) 'wag mo na ask ang measurements, tinantsa ko lang eh, basta swak sa taste ko. hehe...

good luck!