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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Singapore Adventure: My Pretty Craft Punches

Last night, I finished Baby Meg's Guest Book. And so, that little craft project is done. I am glad. :)
While I am already cleaning up, I noticed, I have already gathered up quite a number of craft paraphernalias. I am looking spefically at my craft punches. And it surprises me, I actually have several already. Most of which I purchased here. I only had one bought from home - the Carl Christmas Tree punch, which costed a fortune.

Well, the other things costed a bit expensive, too, even from here. But I guess the circumstances for me have changed and so I can afford them now with little hesitation. Hehehe...
Hopefully, I can continue building my little box of craft knickknacks while I learn some more new techniques for my hobby.

2 Cookie Thoughts:

Ri said...

Good on you re the new punches, the baby guestbook (adorable!) and the new place where the cookies will be happy together, naks! :D Mwah mwah! Mishu girl!

Princess Cookie said...

ri!!! thanks for dropping by. how's the corner rounder punch? hope it's doing your LOs wonders. :) when are you coming over to visit the Cookies at our new place? ;)