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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Singapore Adventures: Team Night Out

Friday night, the TTS Development and Business Facing teams with some new friends went on a night out hitting shuttles at the School of Physical Education badminton courts.
I finally got to use my new Carlton racket which just lied around in my room since August. It was a fun night. Though we had some little misadventures, too.
Misadventure # 1
It took us almost an hour to get a ride from the office building to the SPE. We waited at the taxi queue but gave up. And so we called up to book a cab. But after we have booked for cabs, the taxis started to come to the queue. Arrggghh!!! And the cab we booked took longer than the promised 5 to 7 minutes.
Misadventure # 2
After we have successfully boarded the cab, it took us forever to find the place along Evans Road. And so, we were driving clueless what we were looking for. Good thing, the guys who got there first gave us directions and we finally found the place.
Let the games begin!!! :)
Misadventure # 3
2 hours later, at 10 pm, our session ends. And all of a sudden, the lights at the place shut off. It was pitch black. The only sources of light were the lights from outside coming in through the open doors and the backlights from our handphones. Sheesh. They just turned the lights off without notice.
Oh well. Inspite of these, it was still a fun evening. And we all needed the workout... >:)

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