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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Seafood Feast

As we count down the days to Christmas, it is already starting to be chilly. The Christmas season really does bring in the cool breeze wherever part of the world you are.
And when it starts to get cold, masarap humigop ng mainit na sabaw!
For brunch today, I prepared Sinigang na Hipon. Sarap!!! ^_^
But since my Cookie is not so fond of prawns, I prepared him something else but still in the line of seafoods. This one, however, is already canned. :P Tuna with onions, plus some chili for heat.
Now, bring on the itch! Hehehe.. :P
Aside form the nice grey prawns, I was also able to score fresh milk fish at Carrefour in Plaza Singapura yesterday. I am still thinking what to do with it... Hmmm... Paksiw, Dinaing, or just plain Fried? Or all?? Hahaha...
Will post soon how the milkfish turns out.

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Avid Reader of COOKIE ADVENTURES said...

Mental alergy o may alergy talaga si Lord sa hipon? hehehe mental alergy ata

Hi! to both of you