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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Kuishin Bo Lunch Buffet

In celebration of the Festive Season, our team organized a lunchout today at the Kuishin Bo Japanese Restaurant at Suntec City Tower 1.

Kuishin Bo is popular for it's "All You Can Eat in 1 Hour" lunch buffet offer. One head costs SGD 25.00++ exclusive of a 10% Service Charge and 12% Government Tax. So, technically, it is a bit expensive compared to a 3 SGD Chicken Rice meal at Kopitiam. But, I can attest that every dollar I paid for my meal at Kuishin Bo is worth it!

They have a wide selection of the favored Japanese flair of sushi and sashimi. There are also cook foods, of course. I ogled at the nice and crispy tower of ebi fry and ebi tempura. I cannot have so much as I am watching what I eat now. :P

They do serve great desserts - fresh fruits, tarts, chocolate, cakes, mini donuts, traditional Japanese desserts (something that looked like "kueh" on a stick, I forgot the name), mochi, and dorayaki (Doraemon's favorite food!). A chocolate fountain and soft ice cream to finish it all off. :P~ I went for the fruits and some of the tarts, donuts and chocolate. I didn't fancy very much for the others. Though based on my lunch buddies' comments, everything were good.

Plenty of drinks to try out also. Aside from the usual carbonated drinks, they also have a wide selection of Lipton Tea. I didn't try any of them though. I was tempted to pocket one, but there's a large signage explicitly saying that the items should be consumed within the restaurant premises and so I dropped the idea. :P

Everybody enjoyed the food. And the ambiance, too.

Here is a quick snap of the resto fascade and some of my teammates with big grins and full bellies. ^_^

I am taking my Cookie to try out Kuishin Bo in the next few weeks. With that much food around, we'll surely have a blast! :P

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