Saturday, January 17, 2009

Malaysia Adventure: Day One - Catching Up

Another great thing of being in KL is getting to see a friend after quite a while. A little catch up and some great new memories to take back home when the visit is over. Memories just enough to last until the next rendezvous.

Mun played host to the Cookies while at KL. She gave us some tips on which nice places to visit and how to get around KL by maximizing the convenience of their train system. Also, the day of our flight, she sent us the news that flight scheduled to land at the LCCT might be delayed due to the small fire that broke out in the airport that same morning. For all these great help, the Cookies are so very thankful.

Oh, and did I mention she took us out to a wonderful dinner of Malaysian dishes at Madam Kwan's in the new Pavillion Mall? ^_^

We had King Prawns, Chicken Curry, Vegetables with Beancurd, Fried Rice, Char Kuay Teow, and delicious classic ice lemon tea. It was indeed a feast! And we did finish the whole flair! But the best part of the meeting was definitely the conversation.
(It was actually Mun's idea that I take a photo of the food as she's been an avid reader of the Cookie Adventures blog. ^_^)

Here is a quick snap of us girls. My Cookie took the photo. The background is the entrance of the restaurant where we had our dinner.

After dinner, we explored a bit of the mall. The boutiques were not so different from what the Singapore Malls have. But in Malaysia, they have Parksons. It is the more popular of the departmental stores there.

Being a weekend, the mall was a bit crowded. And with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, the mall was all dressed up for the occasion. Trees with cherry blooms lined the stairs leading to the mall atrium. It was eye candy indeed!

As we set out for the mall exit, we chanced upon the Golden Ox display. There were plenty of people taking photos. But we just need to have this photo and so we squeezed ourselves in. No regrets, it was a great photo, taken by Mun. It's our only photo together in Malaysia taken by a third party. ^_^

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