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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Singapore Adventure: Cookies (heart) Japanese Food

The Cookies just love to eat.  And being here in Singapore, where there's just an abundance of hawker stalls, buffet restaurants, and fine food places, our love for food is even more enabled. :D

When we were still in Manila, we'd just usually have fastfood - Pizza, Burgers, Pasta.  It's only here in Singapore that we started to explore other food choices like Japanese, Thai, and of course Singapore's local delights.

For the most times, we find ourselves really enjoying Japanese food.  We've been to a lot of Japanese food places around Singapore.  That's basically to quell our cravings for ramen, sushi, teppanyaki, teriyaki, and steamboat.

So far, the best Japanese food place we've been to is at Kuishin Bo.  And the best part of that is it is a buffet place.  They have 3 branches across Singapore and we have been to all 3 of them, but our favorite would be the one at Jurong Point. :)

I especially like their paper steamboat. The broth is very nice, and the selection of tasty condiments they have in it offers a great assortment of texture.  From the crunchy vegetables, to the soft tofu, the silky glass noodles, to the chewy shiitake mushrooms.  I just love it! :)

I have posted some photos and a full review of our last visit to Kuishin Bo at Jurong Point on the Follow The Cookie Crumbs blog.  Have a go at it and tell the Cookies what you think! :)

Another recent visit to a Japanese food place was to Tanoshi Teppanyaki at the Food Republic of 313@Somerset.  The best part of the dining experience here is the friendly Teppanyaki chef who cooks your food right before your eyes in such an entertaining manner.

Photos of our recent visit there plus a full review is also up on the Follow the Cookie Crumbs blog.

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