Wednesday, March 28, 2007

There Is Always Room For Dessert

The Cookies are passionate about a lot of things. This include movies, photos, travelling, and good food. :)
One of our favorite food places include Chili's, specifically the one at Greenbelt 1. The service there is great, and being regular customers, we have become endeared to the service staff. Hi, Pretzel! ;) Aside from the people, of course we love the food. And what is the best way to celebrate a great meal but with a sweet ending of yummy dessert. *yum*
ROUND 1 : The Cookies vs. Molten Chocolate Cake
The contrast of the cold vanilla ice cream with a nice chocolate shell on top of the warm chocolate lava cake was perfect! The delicious dessert was no match for the Cookies. As you can see on the above photos, the sweet stuff has been wiped clean off the plate. Hehehe.. >:)
ROUND 2 : The Cookies vs. High and Mighty Mud Pie
The layers of crushed Oreo cookies and vanilla ice cream with caramel bits in this "high and mighty" dessert truly were mouth-watering. The chocolate and caramel syrups criss-crossed on top of the dessert was not for mere aesthictics only as it added a nice sweet touch to the dessert. Too bad, the Cookies got beat by this mud pie. But there is always next time... Sweet revenge... Hihihi.... ;)
DISCLAIMER: The two desserts captioned were eaten on separate occasions. No need to nod your heads for finally figuring out how come The Cookies seem to have put on a lot of weight over the past year. We just have to put it out there. :P

[Backtrack] A Cookie Valentine

February 14, 2007
Outback Steakhouse, Glorietta 4
Starbucks Coffee, 6750 Ayala Avenue
This is our second Valentines together. I told my Cookie that I don't want to receive flowers, though I know he will never heed it.
My Cookie is just the sweetest, you know. Inspite of his hectic schedule at work then, since he was still in training at the new job that time, he really tried to find the time to arrange for flowers to be delivered for me.
And mind you, not just ordinary red roses. He gave me six red Columbian Roses. Each bloom is about the size of my palm. The photos didn't give the deep red color of the blooms justice. Yen who passed by my cube and saw the roses even commented that my Cookie sent me a garden! Hehehe...
Cradling the beautiful flowers, we went to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse in Glorietta 4, one of our favorite hang out places. After a nice dinner, we had coffee at Starbucks. Well, he had coffee, I opted for some hot cocoa. ;)
I am sure you are curious what happened with the roses. Well, it stayed fresh until midweek of the following week. With water in an atomizer, I sprayed each of the blooms every chance I got. But like all beautiful things are bound to come to an end, the blooms dried out. Now, they are sitting nicely on top of the TV table at our living room arranged in a flute glass. ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pre-Nup Pictures...?

These may seem as pre-nup pictures, but no.. not yet. Hehehe... These are some more pictures from our Corregidor Island Day Tour over the weekend. All of thse are taken from Stan's camera. I am sure there are still a lot from Hazel's and Earth's cameras. Will upload them here soon. ;)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Corregidor Island Day Tour

March 24, 2007

Corregidor Island

The Cookies together with our close friends from AIU-RP went to visit historical Corregidor Island for a day tour.

I have been to Corregidor a couple of years ago, but even so, this visit is truly memorable since I get to share with my good friends from AIU-RP and of course, I have my Cookie to share this wonderful adventure with. :)

First stop was a tour of the Topside of the tadpole-shaped island. This is a photo of the Cookies with the Middleside Barracks in the background.

Well, the green shirt was planned, so no more asking questions about it later, please. :P It is cute, right? One of the staff on the cruise even commented about it. Hehehe...

We visited the different batteries of big guns and mortars. There is Battery Way, Battery Geary, Battery Hearn, and Battery Crocket, the one with the big disappearing gun. Cool! !!
After some hours of touring, our tummies started to rumble. And so, we had a lot to eat at the buffet table at the Corregidor Inn. We loved the Chicken Afritada. I enjoyed the Pork Pot Roast and Buttered Veggies, too. I didn't quite find a liking at any of the food served at the dessert table, so that one I passed.

The Cookies are such movie addicts. How can we let this opportunity to have our photo taken at the ruins of the Cine Corregidor pass?

We even matched the color of the sign board! Hehehe... :D

We also had our photo taken inside the ruins. Too bad, the walls at the stage have already been victimized by vandals. Sad. Some people are just so inconsiderate and disrespectful of culture and history. Sigh.

By 2:30, the tourists are all ready back aboard M/V Sun Cruiser II for the one and a half hour trip back to Manila.
With sunburns on our arms, sweaty and sticky skin, we all went home with big smiles, and wonderful memories. ;)

A couple more fun shots of The Cookies on board M/V Sun Cruiser II on the way to The Rock. :)

Princess Cookie Birthday Date

March 20, 2007
Outback Steakhouse,
Glorietta 4, Makati City

As if the suprise party is still not enough, I and my Prince Cookie went on a date on my birthday.
It was a nice dinner at Outback Steakhouse. We ordered our favorites - typhoon bloom (onion rings), queensland chicken and shrimp pasta, and, of course, kookabura wings. Yum! ! !
We had a great time, I and my Cookie. We always do. When we walk the malls after work or on the weekends. When we eat out at a fancy restaurant or even just at a fast food place. When we say "hi" to each other over the phone even just for a few minutes. It was always fun.
And looking back, it is just being close to my Cookie that truly makes me happy and makes me look forward to waking up every morning.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Princess Cookie Surprise Birthday Party

March 17, 2007
Room 2317, Prince Plaza II

My Prince Cookie threw me a surprise birthday bash at the Prince Plaza II. He gathered all my friends and my family to celebrate my 27th birthday with me. I was really clueless of all the planning and organizing that went on. He said the event took a week to prepare. And all his effort and those of my friends who helped out in the execution of the plan paid off because the party was a success. I can still hardly believe he was able to plan the entire thing behind my back and all of my friends know how nosy I am. This only proves that my Cookie is the sneakier one. Haha...

My family came, Mama, Shoti and Jhoy, and Shobe. That was a real surprise since they came all the way to Makati from Kalookan just to surprise me! Thanks, family! Love you all. My college buddy Khends was there. She said that her employees did not get their pay that day because she had to leave the store early to pick up the food for the party. Thank you! I hope your workers don't hunt me down. My kumares Iris, Ali and Eileene were there. Another bunch of sneaky gals! We were actually arranging a meeting for Monday. All along they have been working on the surprise. Thanks, kumares! My AIU-RP friends Captain Jet, Stan, Hazel and Yen were there, too. Thanks for the present and for the instant "concert" care of Capt. Jet's Magic Sing. Loved it! :D

What a nice photo of the love birds who came to my party.

Thanks George and Pia for dropping by. It must have been a really hectic day for you guys having to prepare for George's Germany busines trip. Thanks for the wine. Yum! Thanks neighbor Vicel and Jessica. I appreciate you guys taking the time off from your bonding time to drop by and celebrate with me on my birthday. Vicel and Jessica got me something from the Body Shop. Thanks for the thought, appreciate it very much.

To entertain my guests, I rendered several song numbers. Thanks to the Magic Sing care of Capt. Jet. I got a 93 for my rendition of Natalie Imbruglia's Torn and a 95 for Looking Through The Eyes of Love. The latter song is of course dedicated to my one and only dearest Prince Cookie. Yihee...!
Iris, Capt. Jet, Hazel, Yen, and Vicel also did some songs. It was a fun videoke jamming time. I really have to get one of that. And Capt. Jet, you really have to bring yours to Singapore! Hehehe...

At the end of the day, all the wonderful things that had happened today could have not been possible if not for the efforts of my Prince Cookie. I really enjoyed the day. Thanks so much, my Cookie, for making my 27th birthday very, very, VERY special.