Thursday, June 23, 2011

Singapore Adventure: Father's Day Celebration

For Father's Day, the Cookies went to dinner with our food buddies at  Straits CafĂ©  at Rendezvous Hotel.  Supposedly, they are running a 1-for-1 Dinner Buffet for Citibank credit card holders.  But for this specific day, the promotion is suspended in lieu of the holiday.

No biggie, we still enjoyed the food, and of course the company. :)

Hubby Cookie specifically had a blast exploring the dessert station.  And had his peanut paste stuffed glutinous rice balls fix to cap the night. :)

Too bad we were not able to take a group photo.  But here is one of us.  I intentionally cropped the photo to hide our bulging bellies! Hahaha...  We had too much food, I think I had a crab and prawn overload. :))

Monday, June 20, 2011

Singapore Adventure: Suckers for Buffet

I received an email notification today from the Deal Guru website.  They are running a promotion for a 30% discount at TODAI Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands.  HOW CAN I RESIST?!?!

I purchased 4 voucher immediately.  And so, the Cookies and our Moms are going to stuff our faces with seafood and sushi when they get here.  *excited*

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Singapore Adventure: Cookies (heart) Japanese Food

The Cookies just love to eat.  And being here in Singapore, where there's just an abundance of hawker stalls, buffet restaurants, and fine food places, our love for food is even more enabled. :D

When we were still in Manila, we'd just usually have fastfood - Pizza, Burgers, Pasta.  It's only here in Singapore that we started to explore other food choices like Japanese, Thai, and of course Singapore's local delights.

For the most times, we find ourselves really enjoying Japanese food.  We've been to a lot of Japanese food places around Singapore.  That's basically to quell our cravings for ramen, sushi, teppanyaki, teriyaki, and steamboat.

So far, the best Japanese food place we've been to is at Kuishin Bo.  And the best part of that is it is a buffet place.  They have 3 branches across Singapore and we have been to all 3 of them, but our favorite would be the one at Jurong Point. :)

I especially like their paper steamboat. The broth is very nice, and the selection of tasty condiments they have in it offers a great assortment of texture.  From the crunchy vegetables, to the soft tofu, the silky glass noodles, to the chewy shiitake mushrooms.  I just love it! :)

I have posted some photos and a full review of our last visit to Kuishin Bo at Jurong Point on the Follow The Cookie Crumbs blog.  Have a go at it and tell the Cookies what you think! :)

Another recent visit to a Japanese food place was to Tanoshi Teppanyaki at the Food Republic of 313@Somerset.  The best part of the dining experience here is the friendly Teppanyaki chef who cooks your food right before your eyes in such an entertaining manner.

Photos of our recent visit there plus a full review is also up on the Follow the Cookie Crumbs blog.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Singapore Adventure: A Taste of Octopus

The Cookies had a long weekend.  We were able to catch 2 movies at the theatres and dined at 2 buffets.  Nice!

The Movies

We went to see the new JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg flick Super 8.  It was a bit too juvenile for me.  But my movie date enjoyed it very much!  I find the story bland, and the storytelling dragging.  On a positive note, I have no complaints on the graphics and visual effects.  As most JJ Abrams should know, his "signature" should be found at the clip during the closing credits.  Post a comment if you know what it is. ;)

We were also able to catch Kung Fu Panda 2.  Jack Black is just soooo funny!  We also went to see his last movie Gulliver's Travel and it was tons of fun.  In Kung Fu Panda 2, the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five take on a new nemesis.  This time a peacock!  The story is engaging.  The humor is clean.  The graphics is awesome!  I specially like the scenes when the characters are soaked in water.  Did I say that the graphics is awesome??? :D

There are a few more interesting movies to catch this month of June. The third Transformer movie is coming up. As well as the Green Lantern movie which also hits the Singapore theatres this month.

We have seen posters of Captain America, Cars 2, and Smurf displayed at the theatre and also the movie trailer for Happy Feet 2.  Need to start saving up for movie ticket allowance!

The Buffets

A few weeks back, I have purchased a 1-for-1 buffet lunch voucher at the Window On The Park Cafe Restaurant from the website.  Last Friday, we were finally able to use it. 

To say the least, the spread was not very impressive.  Though it has a "make your own rojak and laksa" station concept, it was not enough to say you have gotten your dollars' worth.  In spite of this, I had a few breakthroughs during this visit.  It was my first time to try Octopus Nigiri Sushi.

I have never tried Octopus Nigiri Sushi before.  At the sushi station, we'd watch out for California Maki and Tamago Nigiri Sushi.  The one's with raw fish we would always avoid.  I just raw fish is an acquired taste, and we have not acquired it yet! Hahaha...

So there, somehow I was able to convince myself to try out the octopus that day.  I took a piece, dipped it in wasabi soy sauce and tuck it into my mouth.  The octopus meat is quite chewy.  It's not something you could  chew a few times and down with a glass of water.  You'll definitely choke.  Or at least I believe I would.  So I chewed it, gnawed it, until I can finally swallow.  It had the taste of the see.  I don't really know what to expect of the taste as it was my first time to try it.  But as far as I know, fresh seafood is supposed to smell of the sea.  But to taste of it?? I don't really know.

Another first for me to try during this lunch buffet was Laksa.  I have seen it being served at many Hawker stalls, and other local delights buffet restaurants but I have not really tried it.  I know there's coconut milk, and it's supposed to be very spicy.  So again, I convinced myself to give it a try.  To my surprise, it actually works for me.  I did enjoy the broth.  Now, I am curious to try Laksa the next time we see it on the menu.

(Here's a full review of our lunch buffet meal at Window On The Park published on the Follow the Cookie Crumbs website.)

Another buffet visit we did is at Kuishin Bo Japanese Buffet Restaurant, the one at Jurong Point.  Kuishin Bo is one of our favorite buffet places.  The price is quite reasonable and they have a great spread of Japanese dishes from sushi, to salads, to steamboats, to grilled stuff, teriyaki, hot dishes, and dessert, too.  We  always have a good time at this food place. 

That was how our Cookie weekend went.  We're married 9 months now, and it still always feels like Day One. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Singapore Adventure: Follow the Cookie Crumbs

I have recently had a lightbulb moment.  As avid readers of ours know, the Cookies are always on the look out for good food places and travel spots.  It being the case, I thought, why not I start a review blog to chronicle our food trips, and travel adventures.  Apart from these, with Hubby Cookie's contribution, we can also put in games, books, and tech reviews.  Of course, rantings and ravings included.

Yesterday, 08 June 2011, I published the first review entry on our latest Cookie blog at FOLLOW THE COOKIE CRUMBS.  We invite you to visit our new blog page, and "like" our humble review site on Facebook via this link.

Thank you! :)