Sunday, February 15, 2009

Singapore Adventure: Valentines Day 2009

Wish you had a great Valentine's Day, because the Cookies did! ^_^
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Thanks to Fwed for this magical photo. ^_^

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We went for the Valentines dinner set offered at the Jade Restaurant of The Fullerton Hotel. It was a 7-course meal, and each one proved to be truly delightful. It's my first time to have foie gras, and it was how I expected it to be (based on what I have learned about it from watching all those cooking shows on TV), creamy and melts in your mouth flooding it with a gazillion flavours. My Cookie enjoyed it very much, too.
I also liked the fish course very much. It's pan fried sea bass with ginger sauce and fresh mushrooms and asparagus, drizzled with premium soy sauce. The fish was flaky and flavourful, definetly very moist. Simply remembering it makes my mouth water. Yum...
Each course was well-portioned. Just giving you a enough to enjoy the taste, not filling you up, and preparing your tastebuds for the next course. But I think we ate too fast that by the time we got to the last course before the dessert, we are stuffed.
It was a wonderful dining experience. A bit pricey, but the occasion calls for it, so it's no biggie. ;)
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Sharing our Valentines Dinner photos from the Jade Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Singapore Adventure: 25 Random Things About Me

First posted on my Facebook. ^_^


1. I just got engaged to my Cookie...
2. on our third anniversary ...
3. last 11 January (111) ...
4. in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
5. Favorite color = pink.
6. I want to travel more.
7. Scrapbooking is my hobby.
8. I want to scrap more... My scrap pile is towering now.
9. I've read all three books of the The Lord of the Rings. Throw in The Hobbit, too.
10. I've never read any of the Harry Potter books.
11. I am engaged to Lord Wilfrando Sy. ;) (can't help putting it on #11)
12. I have met Neil Gaiman in person and had my copy of Coraline signed by him while I waited. ;)
13. I was born on the year on the Monkey.
14. Singapore is the farthest I've been from the Philippines.
15. I am a big fan of the Gilmore Girls.
16. Johnny Depp is my ultimate crush. Sigh.
17. I loooooove Philippine green mangoes and bagoong. *drool*
18. My Cookie loves my meatballs.
19. I own a pink Nintendo DS Lite.
20. Our 7' Christmas Tree is still standing. Still no schedule for dismantling it. :P
21. I can swim, ride a bike, and skate. But I cannot drive.
22. You won't find fresh fingerprints on my badminton racket. Been sitting in the corner of my closet for months!
23. I have been published on Libre back in 2004.
24. My blog:
25. I am watching American Idol S8 while doing this. Bitchy Katrina just got kicked out! Woohoo!!!