Saturday, November 29, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Christmas Social Event

Our unit in the office is preparing for a Christmas Social Event which we will hold on Friday next week. I've put together a digital Christmas Party Invitation to send out to the people in our unit. Tell me what you think? ^_^

It has been a while since I did a layout. Feeling a bit rusty already. Appreciate any inputs. ^_^

Layout Design Notes

Used paper and felt element from the Shabby Princess SeasonalSampler - Winter. Alpha for Unit 4 text from Alpha Snow by Fonts used include DellaRobbia BT and dearJoe four. Gift box clipart from Microsoft Clipart Gallery, recolored the graphic to match the "Winter" theme. Used Corel Paintshop Pro X for putting all the things together.

Singapore Adventure: Musical Cookie

In the spirit of the season,
please give my Musical Cookie a big round of applause for his rendition of
Oh Christmas Tree.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Oh Christmas Tree

It's Christmas at the Cookie house. Presenting our 7-foot Christmas Tree. ^_^

We've never had a tree this tall and so when we had the chance to pick a tree, we went all the way! Hehehe.. Got the tree for 99 SGD at John Little. The ornaments are from Ikea. We stuck to the red and silver Christmas balls. All that's left to put on the tree are those little twinkling lights and we're all set for the holidays.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Coraline

It is one of those days at work when you know you have tons of things to do but just could find the will within yourself to getting it done. That is what today is for me. I am having "that day" today.

And so, in between struggling to get my day's work done and the darker side of wandering aimlessly in the WWW, I've stumbled upon Neil Gaiman's website, which I used to frequent before but has recently been less loyal. There I saw that they are making Coraline into a film! And I was all bright-eyed and just held myself back from leaping with joy.

From Neil's site, he links to this wikipedia page which gives the details of the Theatrical Adaptation of Coraline which features the voice of Dakota Fanning as Coraline.

Based on the Wiki Article it is set to be released on Febuary 2009. It is just a short wait but I am not keeping my hopes up. It might still take sometime after that before it hits the Singapore Theaters. But nonetheless, it is worth the anticipation.

- o0o -

I have had the chance to meet Neil Gaiman in person when he went to the Philippines for The Anansi Boys book tour. I got my Coraline book signed by him and a quick snap.

Photo was taken at the Rockwell Tent in July 2005. Plenty of pounds ago. Hehehe...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Singapore Adventure: My Little Critters

Aren't they the cutest??!
I've received threats of my little critters getting "pet-napped".
And if they do get lost... I know who to chase.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Singapore Adventure: 1035 Days

Oh yes, that's how long The Cookies have been together. It has been one great ride, and still going...
My Pet Love. A nice package delivered to my office desk this morning from my sweetest Cookie.
One. Two. Three. Cute little critters. An addition to our "Babies". Sitting on a colorful array of roses and white picket fences.
Right back at you! ^_^

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Bye-Bye G.G.

I've finished it, Gilmore Girls, all 7 glorious seasons of it. How I hope it would never end. They've all grown up in the show, and I felt that I was totally involved in their story. Sigh. Oh well, time to move it.
It had a great ending, and for that it somehow quells my aching heart of not seeing the girls anymore. Sniff.
Okay... moving on... Any suggestions on the next TV series to fill our DVD rack?

Singapore Adventure: Playing Hosts

This is a long overdue entry. It's been quite hectic at work and there just is no time to put on my writer's cap on. But now I am back. Hopefully...

- o0o -

October 26 to 29, 2008. The Cookies played host to my cousin Rose and college batchmate Ritz who paid us a quick visit it being Semestral Break in the Philippines.

It was not even a weeks long! But we all had a blast. It was short and sweet indeed! ^_^

The usual tour itinerary for first timers in SG - Sentosa, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, Science Centre and Snow City. And since our guests are really keen into "crossing the border", we literally did! A half day tour of Johore Bahru, Malaysia to cap off this wonderful vacation.

- o0o -

Early start for the gang. We waited for the Tour Bus at the Marriot Hotel lobby. At 9:00 am, the group joined the other tourists in a bigger Tour Bus at the Singapore Flyer site. From there, we drove down to Johore Bahru.

At the Malaysian side of the border, our tour guide for the day, Asok, joined us. Then our first stop was at the Batik Craft Centre. Apart from the informative lecture on Batik making, the staff also rendered a musical performance playing Malaysian native musical instruments. The "angklung" is specifically interesting. According to my Cookie, it is now his favorite musical instrument! ^_^

As part of the tour, we drove down to other tourist stops in JB like the Mosque, the Cemetery, and a typical Malaysian household with a lush backyard garden where we were also entertained with some music and dancing.

It was only a quick half day tour, but truly informative! And below is a photo of the tourists with Asok the tour guide.

- o0o -
We enjoyed ourselves indeed, though we burnt holes into our pockets with plenty of "take homes" to remember this travel.
We got silk Batik scarves, a pewter cup set, t-shirts, and an angklung CD recording. Hehe...