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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pre-Nup Pictures...?

These may seem as pre-nup pictures, but no.. not yet. Hehehe... These are some more pictures from our Corregidor Island Day Tour over the weekend. All of thse are taken from Stan's camera. I am sure there are still a lot from Hazel's and Earth's cameras. Will upload them here soon. ;)

4 Cookie Thoughts:

takejiro said...

pwede pwede prenup! :D
do you have a flickr account?
gawa ka na tapos add mo ko as contact so we can see updated pics lagi :)



hey, tid!
i think i have an account in flickr. try ko kung alive pa. otherwise, i will just create a new one. with the same title as my blog. hee hee.. ^_^

dinispachadoro said...

lilipad ka na rin pala sa singapore... pati din si eric... mukhang nagliliparan ang mga tao dun a =)


dinispachadoro: join us... ;)