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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Philippine Adventure: Guess Who's Back (For 5 Days)?? - Part Two of Two

August 10, 11 and 12, 2007
Manila, Philippines

Days Three, Four and Five came by so fast. Mostly spent shopping and catching up with friends.

Day Three was spent trying on clothes. Clothes are expensive to buy here and most of what hangs on the display windows doesn't fit my taste. I got some items from Meg, Unica Hija, and other shops we only have at home.

The dinner of Day Three was shared with my Kumares. The original plan was to have it at Chili's in Greenbelt 1. But the place was packed since it's Friday. So, we had to move the party to Italianni's at Greenbelt 2. A lot of catching up, gave away pasalubongs and presents, good food, photo opps, and a hefty bill. Hehehe...

I, Ali, and Iris. Too bad Eileene left already before we took out the camera.

Day Four finally brought satisfaction to my longest craving for McDonald's Longganisa Meal. Yay!!! :D I had 2 servings in one sitting. Bwahahaha!!! >:)

Who are you calling matakaw??!

Afterwards, some more shopping. And since it is a special Cookie Day, a movie date. Sigh. I miss going on weekly movie dates with my Cookie. We went to see Mandy's latest chick flick, License to Wed.

Well, what do I think of the movie? It's a so-so movie. Something you'll go to see because there is nothing else more interesting to watch. But since, it has Mandy (We love Mandy!!!) in it, and well, Robin Williams, too, we went to see it anyways.

Too bad there wasn't enough time for another movie. And my Cookie knows how much I really want to see The Simpsons Movie. Sigh. Missed it. :'(

For dinner, we met up with my good college buddy, Khends. A lot of catching up over dinner at Chili's Greenbelt 1. Yeah, Chili's, finally. :D A picture to remember this reunion by.

Day Five, my last day, was spent just chilling with my family. I needed to start packing also, but still I had some time to format the desktop computer. And after all those early morning task, we prepared to pay my Papa a visit. Miss ko na Papa ko sobra. Hindi pa niya uli ako visit eh. Sigh. Dami ko pa naman isusumbong sa kanya. A little photo opp at the breezy temple.

May adlib pang hangin. :D

A quick but uberly filling Max's lunch before preparing for my flight back to Singapore. We had chicken, kare-kare, crispy pata, sweet and sour fish fillet, lumpia, all the good stuff at Max's. Hehe... And here we were smiling with full tummies.

And then the time was up. Sigh. My stay was too short, or maybe time just flew so fast. I will be home again this December and that would be for a longer visit. Can't wait for December. :D

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