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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Singapore Adventure: The Last Piece

There goes the last Goldilocks Pinipig Polvoron I have salvaged from Hazel when she got here. Sigh. Sniff.

I have stared at it, long and hard. Pondering if it is the right time to let it fulfill its purpose for being. It was a gruelling minute, take it now and be done with it, or prolong the agony of craving for the taste of pinipig polvoron. Aarrggh...

I couldn't take it anymore... I snatched it from my night stand, ripped the wrapper and downed it in 30 seconds. Relief. Hehehe...

Sad. I became attached to that last piece of Goldilocks Pinipig Polvoron. Often dreaming of how it has that "just enough" sweetness, and the crunchy pinipig bits. *drool*

But on the bright side, I will soon come to possess a hefty stock of that good stuff. Hehe..

Only 6 days left to Cookie time! Yay!!!

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