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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Polar Curry Puff

Because of the monthly Village Hall at work, I left the office a bit later than usual. And so, I opted to just grab something ready to eat for dinner on the way home instead of getting stuff at the grocery to cook.

And by some weird occurrence, I have been craving for Polar's Curry Puff, so I went to get a few pieces for tonight's dinner treat. :) Polar has shop at the Basement 2 of Plaza Singapura, the mall just across our office building.

There was an ongoing promotion for the Curry Puff. If you get 4 pieces, you just have to pay 4.50 SGD, instead of the usual price of 1.40 SGD a piece. A good enough deal for me. I can have two pieces for dinner and the other two for breakfast the next day.

It is nice, these curry puff. It is only the second time I've had it, and it is really good. It has a crunchy outside, and the curry filling is just right for my taste.
I will buy some for my Cookie to bring home when he comes to visit me here in 8 days. :D
Two down, and two more curry puffs to go for breakfast tomorrow. Hehehe...

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