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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Singapore Adventure: A Birthday Celebration

Last night, ex-job teammate Eric (but now SG colleague), held his nth birthday celebration at the No Signboard Seafood Restaurant in Vivo City in Harbourfront.
And indeed, a filling dinner awaited his guests - Chili King Crabs, an exotic Bull Frog dish, Chicken in Dry Red Chili, Deep-fried Spicy Baby Squid, Yang-Chow Fried Rice, and Mee Goreng. It was a feast!!! Yum!
Inside the restaurant, the ambiance is very oriental. Specially with the golden dragon sculpture around one of the concrete posts. Truly captivating. I would have loved for my picture to be taken beside it. But I guess, the place is not that touristy to tolerate such kinds of photo-taking. Or that's just me hating to be put on the spot. Hahaha...
But still, this event is just so "first-time" for me that I can't stand knowing I let a wonderful photo opportunity pass. And so, here is me beside the chinese characters for "No Signboard" at the facade of the restaurant. :)

I hope I can take my Cookie and my family to dine here when they come over to pay me a visit.
Thanks, Eric, for the great birthday bash. Next year uli? Hehehe...

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