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Monday, September 3, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Cable Misadventure

In my excitement to see my new 26" Widescreen Samsung LCD TV in action, I went by the Best store at Plaza Singapura to purchase the cable that will allow my laptop to output video on the TV screen.

Prior to attempting this, I have sought the wise advise of my more techy buddies Capt. Jet and Fred. And they said, it is the VGA to VGA cable that I needed.

With this information in mind, I braved myself to go on for the purchase. And I saw this thingy hanging from one of the shelves with other cables at Best.

I took it and had a look. Hmm... S-Video. I think I saw this label on one of the ports on my laptop. I wasn't sure if this is the exact one I needed. So, I flagged down one of the staff at Best to ask if this is the cable I should get that will connect my laptop to an LCD TV. And he said yes. Magic word.

I went to the cashier to pay for it. And somehow, my conscience just wouldn't be pacified. I was supposed to get a VGA to VGA cable. Hmmm... Maybe I should ask another staff. So I did. And they said, I should ask the person at the cable shelves. I said, I already did, and he said this is the cable I needed. Then this person I asked said that if it is what the other staff has said, then this is definitely it, because supposedly he is the cable-go-to-guy at this Best branch.

I went home carrying the cable. Excited to try it out. And it was a sad and utter failure. Sniff. The S-Video output from my laptop is okay. But the PC input on the TV screen is a female VGA port. And in retrospect, I didn't bother to check for this.

One big sigh. Look at how much it costed me. I really have to return it and have it exchanged for the one I needed. The VGA to VGA cable. And this time, it is this only. Eye on the goal. :D While I'm at it, I think I should also get the audio cable to fully appreciate the viewing experience. Yeah. Hehe...

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