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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Singapore Adventure: An F&W Cookie Weekend

Fantastic and Wonderful (F&W), indeed! It was only a quick 5-day visit, but it was togethere-time well spent. Malling, visiting friends, watching TV together, pigging out. The simple joy of each other's company.

DAY ONE: The Cookies in Vivo City. A little strolling and sightseeing atop Vivo City. A late lunch of DELICIOUS Chili Crab at No Signboard Seafood. Malling and a little shopping.

DAY TWO: The Cookies with Friends at the Rivervale Crest Condo. A filling home-cooked all-Filipino lunch of Sinigang na Hipon, Lechon Kawali (with my special vinegar dip), and Pinakbet. Yummy! A nice game of Wii, the first time for my Prince Cookie.

DAY THREE: Too bad, I had to attend training. And so, time after office hours was just spent malling. But it was fruitful. I got the round corner puncher from Made With Love at Plaza Singapura.

DAY FOUR: Second day at training, but since I took the next day off from work, we decided to take a little adventure at Marina Square. Had early dinner at the Marina Squar Food Loft. And sat outside at the Esplanade by the bay. It was SWEET!!!

DAY FIVE: Last day for Cookie bonding. I took the day off and spent the entire day on a date with my Prince Cookie. A stroll along Orchard Road eating ice cream, chatting, just being together.

And the happy days were gone once again. Sigh. I miss you terribly, my Prince Cookie. :'(

2 Cookie Thoughts:

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Jio said...

Hmmm. Looks like the previous comment is a spam. Better put the spam recognizer and filter of Blogger here.

I see Jet and Fred posing while playing Wii na naman ah. Hahaha. Really, I should go ulit sa flat overnight and play with that console with them. :-D