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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Singapore Adventure: My New Acquisition

I got up early on a Saturday morning on this specific weekend. Why? Of course, it is Comex weekend. Time for some gadgets and electronics shopping. Hehehe.
I went with Capt. Jet and his sister to the Suntec Convention Center where this annual IT event is hosted. The exhibition lasts only four days (30 August to 2 September), and so definitely, the place will be packed.
The picture on your left is my latest acquisition. Katas ng Comex! Hehehe...
It is a 26" Widescreen Samsung LCD TV. Costed me 888 SGD for this unit. I got it cheap but without any freebies. The salesperson says, he could throw in the DVD player for an extra 111 SGD. But I don't think I needed it, so I didn't bother.
At the moment it is already sitting at a nice spot in my room. But since the unit only came with the power cable, the connection cables for the cable point and computer has yet to be purchased.
My Cookie will help me sort it out when he comes over (which is by the end of this week already!) And from then, I can start enjoying my videos on a larger screen. Hehehe...
I can't wait to test it out to be my computer monitor. I just hope it won't make me blind so soon. Hahaha... :D

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