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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Three Big Stores

I started my day fairly early considering it is a weekend. I am meeting Fred to go store hopping in the Tampines vicinity.

So, I greeted the Saturday sunshine with a big smile and all geared up for the expensive day which I already anticipated.

A little snapshot of the view at our flat building's fascade. The train just passed me but it didn't escape my phone camera.

I am actually having a moment at the time I shot this photo. I believe this is the first time I was out of the house before 10:00 am on a weekend in my over 4 months of being here in SG.

I took the train from Ranggung (the stop to our flat) to Rumbia (the stop to Fred, Jet and Hazel's condo). Only a handful of people on the train so I was able to find myself a seat for the short ride.

After getting off at Rumbia LRT station, I had to walk a little to get to the condo building. More or less 5-7 minutes of walking.

I left the house with no breakfast because Fred promised he'd serve his (experimental) home-made skinless longganisa. And so to get my mind off my rumbling tummy, I took a photo of my shadow while walking to their place.

Am I that fat already or is it just my shadow?? >:(

The breakfast with Fred and Hazel went very well. And I declare that Fred's (experimental) home-made skinless longganisa is a true success. Congratulations! So far, no upset tummy. Hehehe.... >:)

And so, with happy tummies, we were off to start with the shopping. We walked for around 15 minutes from the condo building to Compassvale where the bus stop is for Bus 27.

Bus 27 is the direct service that will drop ups off at the Ikea, Courts, and Giant shopping complex.

First stop was Ikea. I had to buy a glass to replace the one I accidentally broke. And I had to get scented candles. I usually eat my meals in front of the laptop in my room, and so I need the candle to get rid of the smell of food. And just as we were leaving, the Swedish food stall in front of the Cashiers row dragged us towards it and we left each with a canister of Black Forest candy treats.

Next stop was Courts. We looked around for Fred's dream convection oven. I had my eye on the clothes stand and a book case that can double as a TV stand. Hopefully we will still have extra hands to come back for them after getting some groceries from Giant just right across.

We bought several stuff from Giant for the tomorrow's cooking expedition at Eric, Abel, and Marq's flat at Compassvale. And unfortunately, no more extra hands to get the things we want from Courts. So this calls for a shopping sequel next weekend. Hehehe...

And, yeah, we took a cab home.

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