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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Philippine Adventure: Day 5/6 - Food Trip

After the crazy (mis)adventures of the previous days, I just opted to spend the next two days at home feasting on Pinoy food I gravely missed abroad.

22 December 2007, Saturday

For breakfast, I had two servings of Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton. The spicy one with the black packaging. Yum!!! Tapos, ipinalaman ko sa monay. Wow! Sarap!

For lunch, Pampanga's Best Skinless Longganisa! Tapos, vinegar with garlic for the dipping sauce. At siyempre, mainit na kanin. Wow! Sarap!

For dinner, my Grandma's diningding. The best! It is one of the major things I miss being abroad - my Grandma's cooking. The diningding is a personal request of mine. I also asked for some "cardis" but she's still sourcing out for the ingredients. Hehehe...

To cap off the evening, we had balut and penoy. I had two baluts, and one penoy. I ate the sisiw for one balut. I can only gather up enough gut to eat one balut sisiw, so I had to pass for the other one. Hehehe...

23 December 2007, Sunday

I woke up this morning with a huge hunger pang. I WANT TJs! And so, my wish is the fridge's command. Hehehe...

I cooked up two jumbo TJs and some ham. And every minute of munching on the meaty hotdogs sure is heavenly. Hehehe...
But no matter how much I miss these treats, I just don't have the courage to pack them in my luggage to bring back to SG.
Too scared. :'(
And so, next best thing is just to gorge on them while I am here. Hehehe...

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