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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Philippine Adventure: Day 6 Part 2 - More Food Tripping

It all started with the TJs for breakfast this morning. Then kare-kare and dinuguan for lunch. Little did I expect there are more food gorging to follow. Hehehe...

After two days of being confined in the house, I decided to go on a little adventuring at the nearby mall. Well, today being only two days to Christmas Day, the crowd at the mall is at its thickest.

And so, I did not hold my hopes up for a shopping spree. Instead, my sister and I just did some grocery shopping for my "supplies" to bring home to SG. Before we went home, a quick stop at Tokyo Tokyo for some California Maki "take-away".

Two sets of the 8-pieces California Maki with a generous dollop of wasabi on the side and some soy sauce. Wonderful!

I missed the California Maki we have here. Especially the one with the ripe mango center. Yum!

The photo you see on the left was the few pieces left of the second serving. Well, I thought of taking a picture after I've consumed more than half of the stash. I told you, I missed the California Maki! :P

For dinner, some pork barbecue bought from the little grilling store at the corner of the street. Delicious!

These are the things that really make you feel that you are so far away from home. And so, I am taking in as much as I can while I am here.

During grocery shopping, I also bought a lot of junkfood - Mr. Chips, Oishi Caramel Popcorn, and a lot others. Oh my, it seems that gaining some pounds will be inevitable. Tsk tsk. So I better have a remembrance of how I look now. Hehehehe....

This photo of myself is taken today, around 7 pm at our living room with my sisters new Nokia 6300 mobile phone.

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