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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Philippine Adventure: Day 7 - Christmas Eve Dinner

I went out to dinner with my Cookie's family. Too bad he wasn't here, and we all terribly miss him.
We had dinner at North Park in Glorietta. Yeah, I was really hoping we'd go Pinoy or Western. But it turned out to be an Oriental dinner.
It wasn't unfortunate though, because I was really there for the food. I was there for the company. I know how much Lord's family misses him, and I want to share with them as much of our adventures in SG as I can. And I see they are more than excited to hear about them
My Cookie's three nephews are adorable. The littlest one, Adriel, he's just the cutest. He picked all of the bits of green peas and carrots from the fried rice and ate them up. Kind of unusual for babies. He must have thought they were candies! ^_^
After dinner, Mama and the rest of the gang brought me home with a box of cake for my Mama. ^_^
I just really hope my Cookie was here with us. Sigh.

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