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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Philippine Adventure: Day One

Cebu Pacific Flight 5J804 touched down at the NAIA at 4:40 am today. And so, this is Day One.
The weather is wonderful. No sign of rain unlike the last time I was here. The air is cool enough that you won't feel sweaty even only with the electric fan on.
I've unpacked and sorted out most of the pasalubongs. I've caught up on my sleeping also. And visited my Grandma this afternoon, too. Not so hectic for a first day. There is really no need to rush anyways since I'll be here for a good three weeks.
I just need to do some work on the new laptop I brought home for my siblings. And then, the pasyal and shopping shall commence!!! Hehehe...
There is just one thing missing to make my holiday vacation perfect... my Cookie. Sniff. :'(

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