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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Philippine Adventure: Day Three - Cookie Greetings

Since my sibs still have school, and my Mama couldn't be stopped from opening the shop, I just sulked at home, practicing my "couch potato" skills which became dormant for quite some time already.

But I guess, my hands just couldn't stand being idle, and so I decided to work on the Cookie Christmas Greeting Cards to send out to our friends for the holidays.

Well, it started last year with the beautiful photo Ruben snapped of the Cookies at the Hotel Philippine Plaza. I just put a caption for greetings, and sent them through email. (Note to self: Dig up the photo and post here. Done!)

This photo is only one of the many others first posted on my ex-blog.

And this year, we intend to be loyal to this budding tradition. So far, this is what I came up with. The theme is, well, pink. Need I say more?

I'll try to come up with another version of this. But, I am sorry to disappoint you, I am sticking with the theme. ;P

I made this in Corel Paintshop Pro X. I am still a newbie in using this software. It seems that my Scrapbook Factory De Luxe needs an upgrade to be setup on a Vista machine. But I actually think it's a good Christmas gift for myself to finally learn how to use a photo-editing software. And even more thanks to Jajah for her (very) early Christmas present - a Digital Scrapbooking magazine. Really helpful! I have yet to download the freebies, but I sure am when I get back to SG. My dial-up connection now just wouldn't cut it. TOO DARNED SLOW! Sigh.

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