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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Singapore Adventure: e-Donuts

If we have Krispy Kreme and Go Nuts Donuts in the Philippines, Singapore also has it's special donut shop that tastes just as good if not actually better. ;)
At the ground level of the Le Meridien Hotel, there is this donut place called e-Donuts. And as written on the box, their tag line is "e-quality for e-generation." Yeah, I know the tag lines kinda off, but believe me, the donuts are extremely delicious.
Yesterday, when my Cookie and I went out to do some pasalubong shopping for my upcoming Christmas vacation to the Philippines, we passed by the donut shop and purchased half a dozen of the delicious pastry.
Each of us picked three of those most appealing to us. On the picture are four of the six. The fate of the two donuts were instantly sealed as soon as the box was opened. Yum!

We used to have these sweets for dessert when I go lunching with Nikkos and Eric at the food court in the Le Meriedien Hotel basement. It's a bit of a long walk from the office, but it's well worth it. After they moved the Support Team to the Samsung Hub office, I lost my Le Meridien lunch buddies, and so I seldom go by there anymore.
Hopefully, now that I got my Cookie hooked to these delicious donuts, I can convince him to come with me to the donut shop on our weekend dates. ^_^

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