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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Singapore Adventure: Last Hurrah for Pasalubong Shopping

It's the Cookie's last weekend together in Singapore, and there are a lot of tasks to get done before the long three-week break to the Philippines.

~ o0o ~

WHEN: Saturday, 15 December 2007
WHERE: Orchard Road, Funan Digital Mall, City Link, Marina Square

My Cookie is now officially an OFW! Hehehe... The exchange rate is only at 28.40 PHP to an SG dollar, but then sending money home is non-negotiable. After all, it's the Christmas season, perfect time to practice our generosity, right? :P

After a quick trip to Lucky Plaza and being drenched with a heavy afternoon downpour, we went laptop shopping at the Funan Digital Mall in the City Hall district. We got an Acer Extensa laptop for the very affordable price of 1198 SGD (plus 3% bank charge) payable for 12 months. Not a bad deal, considering the retailer threw in some freebies - a 1 GB Toshiba USB flash disk (nowadays, what can you fit in 1 GB???), a headset (so bulky, waaah!!!), a cleaning kit (how dirty can a laptop get anyways?), a USB optical mouse (brand Hovono, what the?!), and an antivirus installer (do you know any Norman?). Hehehe.. My bad! >:)

Marina Square was our next stop. Just some window shopping really. And a hearty dinner at the 7,107 Flavours. A newly opened restaurant here in SG for Philippine Cuisine.
The ambience is very Pinoy. Pinoy band for entertainment, parols hanging from the ceiling, Tagalog speaking servers, and very Pinoy-style service (which equates to slow, sad to say).
We had Pork Sisig with Egg, Pinakbet, Grilled Pork Ribs, Garlic Rice, and bottomless soda. The bill rang up to 60 SGD. Well, fair enough. It would have been a better dinning experience had the food been served hot, because it was dead cold when it got to our table. Looking back, probably that's why they put only "Sisig" on the menu instead of "Sizzling Sisig" because though it was served on a sizzling plate, it seemed to be only for presentation purposes. The egg didn't even get cooked sitting on top of the sisig. Tsk tsk.
Looking on the bright side, we've no complaints about the staff there. It was actually the highlight of our dinner. Pinoy hospitality is indeed at it's finest at 7,107 Flavours!
Two pairs of tired legs and cab ride home to end the day.

~ o0o ~

WHEN: Sunday, 16 December 2007
WHERE: Causeway Point

Final stop is the prawn roll shop - Bee Cheng Hiang. I honestly believe I won't be let in to our house if I didn't bring home some prawn rolls. Hehe...
A total of 127 SGD was spent in that shop alone. Oh, they better feed me well when I get home! :P
A quick stop at Giordano and Bossini for some clothing items, and we were back at home again. Got to get packing.
The luggage tipped the scale at 19 kgs. Whew! That's darned close. I just hope the Ikea weighing scale (Kilan) won't fail us! :P
And on Tuesday morning, I will be waking up in the Philippines, 2397 km away from my Prince Cookie.. :'(