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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Singapore Adventure: SGD to PHP

Today, I went with Jet and Fred to Lucky Plaza to settle some business. Well, it's that day of the month when you wish really hard that the Philippine Economy is at it's lowest and so the exchange rate from SGD to PHP fares well.
But with a synchronized jaw-drop, at noon today, it was only 1 SGD to 29.00 PHP. Tsk tsk...
We often joke around, if PHP hits 20 to 1 SGD, then it's time to go back home. But then again, this last line from the above quoted article keeps ringing in my head.
"Life here is still easier. There are no jobs in the Philippines."
Aye to that.

3 Cookie Thoughts:

Avid Reader of COOKIE ADVENTURES said...

oo nga eh, gumaganda ang value ng peso, yung presyo ng bilihin pataas din.

lugi talaga OFW kasi mababa exchange rate, mahal pa bilihin.

pero yung SGD hindi ba stable naman?

Princess Cookie said...

Yeah, SGD is pretty stable. But then sending money home is non-negotiable. :'(

jio said...

Lugi, lugi...

Our joke naman sa mga kasama kong flatmates and officemates eh if SGD to peso becomes 1 to 25, we go back to Phil na. Tough luck for us OFWs. :P