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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Happy CNY!


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It's my first Chinese New Year in SG. And so far, nothing exciting has happened and it's most likely to remain this way from today to four days later. Well, if you count the cramped groceries and shopping places for the past week as excitement, then disregard my last statement.

Sheesh! How can I be so grumpy, it's the new year after all. Let me count the reasons for you.

1. My Cookie had to work during the holidays. SMACh (Samahang Malungkot Ang Chinese New Year. Corny.) member?

2. Nothing good on local TV. Can't believe I still can't persuade myself to get cable. And so, I am stuck listening to Toni Gonzaga's Falling For You album for two hours now, and counting.

3. No food in the fridge. All the groceries closeby (Carrefour at PS, Fair Price at Marsiling MRT, and Sheng Shiong at Marsiling Point) have closed shop for the holidays since 3 pm yesterday. You can't make me buy at 7-11. Never!!!

These are the top 3. The rest are too insignificant and are just subsets of the above.

Well, inspite of these. The Cookies had a pretty interesting Chinese New Year's Eve. I prepared dinner and we had fun downing it as much as I had fun cooking.

This is my Chicken Sotanghon Soup with Egg. The main event! Hehehe... Noodles are a must on happy occasions, right? ^_^

I've done chicken sotanghon in the past. But this is the first time I've used "achuete." And it sure did the trick of making it look more appetizing. In fairness, it turned out quite deliciously. ^_^

My Mama advised that we should have Misua with Egg for breakfast on New Year's Day. Why? I dunno. It's tradition. So stop asking! :P Since I did not catch any of the groceries open yesterday, we have to pass for Misua. This is my idea of a substitute. Good thing I still have sotanghon tucked away in the cupboards.

Aside from Chicken Sotanghon, we had fried wantons also. Just got them off the frozen goods shelf at FairPrice.

Toyomansi dipping sauce. The best accompaniment to wanton!

And steamed red bean paste buns from Sheng Shiong. The photo at the top of this post.

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