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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Sluggish

I feel so sluggish this past few days. It seems that I have not fully recovered from the tiring excitements of last weekend. So can you blame me if I have started to do the "Counting Down to the Weekend" today? Hehehe...
As I have announced in my Friday blog entry, the Cookies did go to see the Singapore Airshow last Saturday. It was a look cab ride from our place to the Changi Exhibition Centre. Aside from the distance, traffic was also terrible. Well, what do you expect when all cars are rushing to just one place, and there's only one way in and out of that place.
Anyways, it was a great experience. Seeing planes diving and dancing around in the sky. It was a bit cloudy, but cloudy is better than rainy, right? ^_^ I tried so hard to get some nice pictures to post here. Well, my efforts did, quite paid off as our camera isn't that high-tech to do some long range shooting. But it was fun hearing the synchronized clicking of the big cameras around.
I'll try to post the pictures soon. (Note to self)
After the Cookies' first airshow experience, we went to my Cookie's colleague's despedida in Geylang. Yeah, Geylang. First time to be in that area, too. Hehehe...
We had some pizza, pasta and salad. And lots of singing! ^_^ It was lots of fun, and so we left the place late already.
Next day, Sunday, was my appointment with the dentist. I finally got my mouthguard/nite guard. Started wearing it since Sunday evening. One day of the weekend is supposed to be housechores day, and so I pushed myself to lift the broom and sweep up a bit. But the call of the bed was too strong. We really had to catch up on some sleep, but even the 2-hour siesta seem to have failed to do the trick.
And the sleepyheads that we are, we just couldn't get enough of sleep. Can hardly wait for the weekend!

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