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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Singapore Adventure: What's Cooking?

What: Beef Nilaga
When: 26 January, Saturday
Notes: It is my first time to cook beef. It took forever to tenderize the meat by boiling but it was all worth it. The "teaspoon technique" worked! Hehehe...
- o0o -
What: Buttered Potatoes Version 1.0
When: 27 January, Sunday

Notes: Fair Price supermarket in Woodgrove had bags of nice new potatoes. And since I miss World Chicken's baked potatoes, I just couldn't resist grabbing a bag. I looked up some new potato recipes for ideas on how to go about satisfying my craving and improvised. This is what I came up with. I boiled the potatoes first then threw them in a hot pan with some butter, garlic, salt and pepper. Yummy!
- o0o -
What: Fried Calamares
When: 2 February, Saturday
Notes: This is my second time to prepare squid. The first time, i just coated the calamares with flour seasoned with salt and pepper, then straight to hot oil for deep frying. This time, with the use of a helpful recipe for Calamares Prito I googled up, I came up with this. I whipped up the batter by combining beaten egg, flour, salt, pepper, finely chopped garlic and onions. Instead of water that has to be added in, I used Sprite. It turned out quite delightful. :)
I had some potatoes lying around in the fridge. I sliced them up, coated them with some of the remaining batter and deep fried them, too. They were better than Shakey's mojos! Hehehe...

- o0o -
What: Barbecued Chicken Lollipops
When: 2 February, Saturday

Notes: I have featured my barbecued chicken sticks on my blog several times. I often serve this to my friends during "cook overs". This time, I served them to some friends who came over for a visit - Jhing and Marc. It is, as expected, a hit! ^_^
Cleaning the pan where I deep fried them was painful, but the compliments from my friends with happy tummies sure made it all worth the trouble.
- o0o -
What: Buttered Potatoes Version 2.0
When: 3 February, Sunday

Notes: Well, like I said, it was a bag of new potatoes. And so, there were still some uncooked pieces left. I opted to go for another attempt on Butter Potatoes. Same procedure, but I skipped the boiling part. And aside from garlic, I put in some chopped spring onions.
- o0o -

What: (Almost) Yang Chow Fried Rice
When: 3 February, Sunday

Notes: We love rice! Well, obviously. Hehehe... I think I've cooked enough garlic rice already. So, this time, it's an attempt to do Yang Chow fried rice. I sauteed onions and garlic. Put in the rice. Added some veggies you can buy frozen from the grocery. Seasoned it with sesame seed oil, salt, and pepper.
Almost there, but not quite yet. More practice!

2 Cookie Thoughts:

yen said...

ung tita ko tinidor naman ang gamit .... hehehe.

sabi nga nung isang nag-comment, parang food blog na ito! go cookies!

Princess Cookie said...

hi, yen! yeah. iyan lang naman ang libangan namin dito. food! ako tagaluto, tapos si cookie ko tagakain. hahaha. :D