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Monday, March 31, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Tinolang Manok

One of the first Pinoy recipes I experimented on upon landing in Singapore is Tinolang Manok. I've tried cooking it with the specific parts of the chicken only - all leg, all wings, chicken breast. I have to learn to chop up a whole dressed chicken first. And after learning how to remove fish guts, that's definitely next on the list! Hehehe...

Basics first, of course, we need chicken. Your choice of chicken parts, that's what I do, then enhance the chicken's taste with chicken broth cubes. Onions, ginger, patis, ground pepper, and a little oil for sautéing. I haven't found green papayas here, so chayotes should do. Water for the broth.

Okay, this is how I want my Tinolang Manok.

Heat up some oil. Sauté the onions, ginger, chicken parts with patis. Add ground pepper for some heat. Dissolve chicken broth cubes in water. When chicken gets slightly brown, pour the mixture in. Bring to a boil. Throw in your sliced chayotes. It might take a while to cook. Should be ready to serve by the time the veggies are cooked.

Goes perfectly with a steaming plate of boiled rice and patis with red chili. Hehehe... This is my kind of tinola.

I miss my Granma's tinola. I'll request for it when I come home! Nyam, nyam, nyam.


As I sliced the onions for this recipe, the tears just kept on flowing. Makes me wonder what really causes this cooking mystery. Fine, I googled it, and so I give you why.

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