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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Healthy April Fools Dinner

I got this Pinoy Recipe for Guinisang Sitaw (Sautéed Long Beans) off the internet. I googled it up after being clueless of what to do with a few more long beans left after my Kare-Kare Veggie weekend. Then this recipe was one of the hits.

I found it interesting as it is easy and quick to prepare. And I have most of the ingredients. Thanks to Lucky Plaza for the bagoong which though is exaggeratedly priced satisfies my frequent cravings for this (smelly) Pinoy delicacy. Mmmm.... Sorry, I just drooled at the thought of how delicious my Granma's bagoong is. I'm definitely requesting for it too for my homecoming. Hehe...

My version of CookBookWiki's Ginisang Sitaw looks like this. Appetizing, is it not? :D

It is actually a hybrid of the original recipe. I did away with the shrimp and pork. So, what's left is just the veggies and the bagoong.

This would also probably work for kangkong. Will get to that in the next couple of days. ^_^

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