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Monday, July 7, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Food and Movie Trip

The Cookies were off for an early start. First stop, a buffet lunch at the Straits Kitchen of the Grand Hyatt Singapore at Scotts Road.
We got there a little early, so during the wait, some snaps. The background is a bit blur, but it's supposed to be a collage of photos depicting food preparation, ingredients, people cooking, cooking utensils, condiments, etc. The photos are in black and white and indeed very nostalgic.
When the restaurant opened, the guests were invited in and there were a lot! We first stopped by the reception desk to inquire of our table number. Lesson learned when craving to dine at Straits Kitchen is to place a reservation the day before. The restaurant never fails to fill up specially on weekends.
What does Straits Kitchen offer? Plenty! Hehehe... Well, technically the food served are from Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian Cuisines.
The Cookie favorites included! Chicken Rice with its matching soya sauce and chili. Roasted Duck is my Cookie's pick, but I am still for the Hainanese Chicken. Popiah. Roti Prata, my Cookie's recent fave. Satay - Mutton, Chicken, and Beef with warm peanut sauce and onion and cucumber chunks, plus the rice cooked in bamboo (dunno what it's called) . *Drool* And there are a lot others we still haven't sampled. Reason why we just need to come back again! :)
After a filling lunch, we took the train to Harbourfront where we have booked a movie at Golden Village in Vivo City. After last week's Wanted, this week's offering is Hancock, the new Will Smith-Charlize Theron flick.
It has an interesting plot with all the heavily beefed up effects in the action sequences, but the storyline didn't really step up compared to the time-tested comicbook superheroes formula. There's a protagonist, a love interest, a (somewhat) secret identity, but no worthy antagonist like a Lex Luthor or Green Goblin.
Spoiler up ahead...
The story is fairly predictable. I already had an inkling that Hancock (Will Smith) and Mary (Charlize Theron) had a connection. And they have actually. Also, there was this scene where Mary finally revealed herself as having the same "powers" as Hancock, and they went to the streets of L.A. to fight it out in the middle of a busy intersection. This scene just reminded me of the Uma Thurman-Luke Wilson flick My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I don't know, it just hit me that I have seen the scene somewhere.
The ending isn't as promising also. Though the director must have tried to send across a message that Hancock actually turned out to be the hero that he was trying to be and it ended with a "happily ever after" note, it just didn't work for me. And the ending was a bit cheesy also, with that "All Heart" engraving on the surface of the moon. WTF?? And please don't tell me Hancock gave up on girls after Mary and just settled for that eagle at the last scene? Hahaha...
Oh, well, it's not worthy of the 20SGD the Cookie's spent, but it is a good enough means of relieving oneself of stress after a hard week of work.

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