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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Singapore Adventure: First Carbonara Attempt

Another kitchen experiment. But sadly, this one didn't turn out as I hope it would.

It is my first time to prepare pasta with white sauce. I googled for an easy and simple recipe for Alfredo Sauce. I also sought some white sauce cooking tips from my sister, a chef in the making. All my efforts proved to be futile.

Well, it tasted right, but the texture didn't come out right. It was a bit lumpy. I am thinking it could be the butter, cream, milk, and parmesan cheese proportions that I screwed up. Or probably because I wasn't very patient with the stirring and all.

Anyways, I am a diligent student and this cooking experience cum disaster has taught me lessons. It does not stop here. I am giving this another try and hopefully the second round will turn out nicely.

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