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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Philippine Adventure: Day 2 & 3 - Food Tripping

In the last two days, I've managed to pay my favorite places a visit.

The food places include TGi Friday's and North Park in Glorietta and Krocodile Grille in Greenbelt. I have also been to Timezone also in Glorietta and the Greenbelt 3 Cinemas.

Sunday evening, the Cookies hooked up with my Prince Cookie's high school buds for dinner at TGi Friday's. The boys had a lot of fun catching up and reminiscing their high school adventures. It was fun listening to their stories.

At TGi Friday's, there was a display of something very familiar to me and especially to my Prince Cookie... Here it is! Hehehe...

(Esso is my Cookie's employer in Singapore. ^_^)

After dinner, we had a go at the hoop and driving games, as well as other ticket-generating games at Timezone. Here is a photo of my Cookie driving an 18-Wheeler. :)) Honk! Honk!

The following day, I went with my Mum and sibs to the DFA to file for their Passport application. Well, they've revised the procedure, making it more cumbersome and painful for the applicants. Oh, let's just not talk about it. To cut the long story short, we have to make another trip to DFA tomorrow, hopefully our last.

After the quick DFA visit, we grabbed a late lunch at North Park. Then we hit Greenbelt 3 to see a movie - For The First Time. The very controversial movie by KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez.

I must say it was a total disappointment on my part. All the hype around it plus the television network feud and the endless word wars, I've realized, were just there to create noise for the movie. When in truth, aside from the beautiful stars and the wonderful cinematography (the movie was partly shot in Santorini, Greece), there really wasn't much of a storyline to brag about. Even the acting by the lead female is not so impressive. Considering her theater background, the acoustics is good, but the visual is not quite at par. Come to think of it, paying 180 PHP for the movie is just too expensive.

My Cookie joined us after the movie. We have set a date with his ex-colleagues for dinner at the Krocodile Grille also at Greenbelt 3.

During the same dinner, a rendezvous with soon-to-be-married Pia and George also gave us some time to catch up prior to the big day (on Saturday, 6 September 2008) where my Cookie is the Best man. Congratulations and Best Wishes to George and Pia! :)

So, that's how the last 2 days was spent. Today will just be spent at home for some well-deserved rest. The following days will surely be hectic again.

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