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Friday, September 5, 2008

Philippine Adventure: Day 6 - Shopping

Finally, it's time to do some shopping. Well, we only did some mild shopping as the Cookies still need some stuff to complete our ensemble for the wedding on Saturday that we're attending.

But before the shopping begun, I went with my Cookie's family to pay my Cookie's Dad a visit. It was a worthwhile visit.

Grabbed a quick lunch at the Glorietta 4 Food Choices. It's been a while since we had World Chicken platters - grilled boneless chicken breasts with any choice of dressing (ranch barbecue FTW!!!), 2 big servings of side dishes (macaroni salad, spaghetti, baked potatoes, and mashed potatoes FTW!!!)

We were filled to the brim. Burp! We have to shake it off first before the main event which entails lots of walking and lifting (of shopping bags! hahaha).

Timezone Glorietta 4 is just one floor up, and so it is settled. A little game won't hurt. At least for all the rest of the games I didn't beat my Cookie at. Hahaha..

There are several new games available at the Timezone, including a Deal or No Deal spin-off which pays in Timezone Tickets. You can win as much as 100 tickets (but the actual prize tickets won are divided by two, so that makes it only 50 tickets). I bagged 5 tickets, while my Cookie won 19 tickets.

My Cookie also tried the Fighter Plane game. Here's he shooting some enemy crafts. :)

Then it was time to proceed to the main event. Hehe... Let's get shoppings. A quick trip to Marks & Spencer for my Cookie's trousers. Got a reasonably priced on. The inventory and the cost is pretty much the same as that of the M&S shops in Singapore. And the service is even much better as when shopping in M&S in Manila, you get your own shopping assistant, unlike in SG where you are expected to manage on your own.

The trousers is done. Now, it's time to shop for shoes. We went to Mendrez, Florsheim, Rustan's, and all the other shoe shops for men that I know. Nothing in there that fits my Cookie's style and budget. Hehe... But after traipsing the mall for some more time, we found the perfect pair at Rockport. I also got a pair of nice comfy sandals.

Then it was time for a quick juice break at The Big Chill. Fresh Ripe Mango for my Cookie, and Fresh Green Mango for me. Yum! And then some more shopping. At some point, we got hungry and decided to indulge in some local food feast - Jollibee! Yeah, I already had my Jollibee day. But this is different, because it is a Jollibee day with my Prince Cookie. Yihee...

We had Palabok Fiesta, Jolly Spaghetti, Jolly Hotdog and Hot Fudge Sunday. Yum! ^_^

Next stop is SM Makati. Some more shopping for accessories - a belt for my Cookie and a bag for me to match the shoes and dress. And before finally meeting up with my Kumares to have dinner at Sentro in Greenbelt 3, we paid the Video and Music section at SM for a quick panic shopping spree. Bwahaha!!!

Spent almost 5 thousand pesos in video and music discs. Hehehe.. I got KC's debut album. I am interested to know how she sounds. Some Tagalog flicks that I can bring back to SG. I am still yet to find where in SG to get Tagalong flicks.

Okay, let's grab some dinner at Sentro, Greenbelt 3. Indeed, the food is interesting. A nice modern twist on popular Filipino dishes. The specialty of the house is their Sinigang na Corned Beef. We also ordered for Rated GG (galunggong fish fillet topped with crispy garlic bits, Sentro's rendition of Spanish Sardines?), Green Mango Ensalada (as my kumare Eileene said, it is indeed "kakaiba"), Ukoy (vegetable fritters), and Halo-Halo for dessert.
Here's a photo of the party. Sayang, kulang na kami ng isa, wala na si Iris, nasa New Zealand na. Sniff.

It was a fun day indeed. Tiring, expensive, but definitely fun! ^_^

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