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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Philippine Adventure: Day 9 - Family Day

We were invited to have lunch at My Cookie's Ahia Alvin's in Las Pinas. It was a long travel coming from Caloocan, but it was a worthwhile trip as everybody had a blast. My Cookie's three nephews have grown since the last time I've seen them in December last year. The youngest one - Adriel, now runs around on his own. And he is the cutest, with such a sweet smile and curly locks. ^_^ But, of course, as all babies are built, they just cry out so loudly and drive you out of your wits.

After lunch, during that idle hour, we played around with the camera and had some photo sessions.

We also strolled the SM Southmall for a quick shopping spree. And when our lunch of chicken barbecue had all been digested, my Cookie and I went for some pasta break at Sbarro. It has been a while since I had some Sbarro pasta, and how the prices has risen. We shelled 300 PHP for half servings of spaghetti and meatballs and baked zitti, plus two large cups of raspberry iced tea.

After refreshments, some more shopping, until it was time to meet up with the Mama and the others. Before heading home, we had a feat of playfulness and agreed to go for a quick roller coaster ride at the Storyland. Hehehe... It was a nice treat for us - Mama, Ahia Alvin, the Cookies and the kids Alger and Gelo.

It was already late when they brought me home, and we were all tired, but it was surely a fun day for everybody.

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