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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Singapore Adventure: Coraline

It is one of those days at work when you know you have tons of things to do but just could find the will within yourself to getting it done. That is what today is for me. I am having "that day" today.

And so, in between struggling to get my day's work done and the darker side of wandering aimlessly in the WWW, I've stumbled upon Neil Gaiman's website, which I used to frequent before but has recently been less loyal. There I saw that they are making Coraline into a film! And I was all bright-eyed and just held myself back from leaping with joy.

From Neil's site, he links to this wikipedia page which gives the details of the Theatrical Adaptation of Coraline which features the voice of Dakota Fanning as Coraline.

Based on the Wiki Article it is set to be released on Febuary 2009. It is just a short wait but I am not keeping my hopes up. It might still take sometime after that before it hits the Singapore Theaters. But nonetheless, it is worth the anticipation.

- o0o -

I have had the chance to meet Neil Gaiman in person when he went to the Philippines for The Anansi Boys book tour. I got my Coraline book signed by him and a quick snap.

Photo was taken at the Rockwell Tent in July 2005. Plenty of pounds ago. Hehehe...

1 Cookie Thoughts:

jio said...

Cool, you've got to meet Neil Gaiman in person. I'm more of a fan of Stephen King and it's only my dream to meet him and have his autograph in person. :-D