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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Malaysia Adventure: Day One - Conclusion

After dinner, we have successfully managed to find our way back. Again taking the same train lines as we did on the way to the mall. An interesting poster on the train wall caught our eye.

And yes, we are still in KL. :P

With me in the photo is a poster promoting "Uniquely Singapore". On the poster is the Marina Bay overview in the night time. Wonderful, is it not?

But before we went back into the hotel, we again made a quick trip to the mall just right beside it. I cannot recollect the name of the mall exactly... Was it "The Mall" or something?? Yeah... I think it is named "The Mall" (look closely at the name of the building in the photo).

Okay, back at the hotel to get some much needed relaxation and sleep. We need to get up early the following day to make it on time for the City Tour we have booked. Pick up time for the tour was at 0930 hours, and if we want to enjoy the buffet breakfast, we need to be up early, non-negotiable! ^_^

Some more snaps before finally concluding Day One of our Malaysia adventure.

Hotel Entrance

The floor map of the hotel is quite unique. From the entrance, you won't immediately be greeted by the Concierge or the Reception Desks. You still have to take the lift to the 9th floor where the Hotel Lobby is actually located. So this photo was taken at the entrance of the hotel on the ground floor near the lifts hall.

Hotel Lobby
The 9th floor is where the real happening is. ^_^

When we entered the hotel's spacious lobby, music from the piano is playing. It appears that on the evenings, the guests are serenaded with some soft, soothing music. The lighting was fantastic and the position of the piano under the wide dome at the center of the lobby is just so picture perfect! If I remember correctly, the song playing was "The Way You Look Tonight". Aww... so romantic!

The staircase was pleading to have it's photo taken with me, so I gave in. :P

I snapped this photo of my Cookie out of fun. I love you my Cookie for being such a good sport. Mwah! :-*

Our Suite

More snaps of our room, now from the other side. I told you it was spacious. ^_^

We spent the rest of the evening watching Hitch on Star Movies. Then, it was time for bed.
It was a fantastic Day One in KL. Good night!

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