Sunday, March 1, 2009

Singapore Adventure: Unwinding

The past few weeks have been pure torture for the Cookies. Lately, work is posing plenty of challenges upon us, and we just have to suck it up and face it head on. Tiring... Truly tiring.
And so, this weekend, we have decided to unwind by going on a shopping spree. One of our favorite past times which we have recently hit the pause button on because of the economic downturn. But desperate unwinding requires drastic measures. We just have to un-pause it... Just this time... Please...
- o0o -
First Stop: Courts
The idea of getting a steamer has been looming around. Recently, I have mastered my leche flan recipe using only my 5-cup rice cooker. And lately, I have volunteered to bring my leche flan to some of my friends' upcoming parties. So yes, the procurement of the steamer is inevitable. And the time has come today. :)
We carried a 3 layer Tefal Steam Cuisine out of the store in 15 minutes. Plus a Braun Minipimer (an immersion blender) which my Cookie has been drooling over since seeing it on Michael Smith's cooking program Chef At Home.
Second Stop: V.Hive
About 3 weeks ago, we have seen this item at V.Hive. It is for a kitchen utility rack, but I mean to use it to hold my scrapbooking effects and trinkets. Today, we came back for it and I ain't leaving the shop without it. So, we did! And it is quite a heavy box. My Coookie did the carrying. Poor thing.
We took around an hour to assemble the thing, and now my scrapping desk is spic and span! Everything is organized (for now?). Hehehe...
Third Stop: Popular
I've finished the Twilight Saga. Loved the first and last book, the second one though not is as interesting is quite essential to tie everything in.
After that, I've also finished Neil Gaiman's latest young adult best-seller, The Graveyard Book. Engaging storyline, but of course, it's a bit too juvenile. I loved Coraline, Bod is equally interesting. Do I recommend it? I do, but I am still Coraline's fan. Can't wait for the movie treatment!
I have run out of books to read, so I decided to get a few new titles. I was looking for The Book Thief, it is the Filipino Group at Good Read's recommended reading for this month. Didn't find it. So, I ended up getting J. K. Rowling's new title The Tales of Beedle the Bard and Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns. I hope they are good choices.
- o0o -
A nice dinner date at Swensen's wraps up another stressful week. I hope the coming week is kinder. Sigh.