Friday, June 25, 2010

Cookie Wedding Journal: The June Trip (Day 1 and Day 2)

18 June 2010 - Friday

The Cookies arrived in Manila.  The plane ride from Singapore was turbulent, so we weren't really able to catch up on rest. But we did catch a movie while on the plane - Mel Gibson's Edge of Darkness.  The storyline was quite dragging for me, but it was interesting.   Contrary to what the title appears to suggest, it is not a horror flick. :P

You must ask what was the first thing the Cookie's did upon arriving... Eat, of course! :)  We had lunch/merienda at Chowking on Dela Rosa corner Rufino in Makati.  It was usually a McDonald's Longganisa meal breakfast when we touchdown early morning, but since this trip we landed at around 4:00 pm, a late lunch it is.

In the evening, we met up with Mindy - our wedding coordinator to finalise our schedule for this trip.  That capped off Day 1.

Oh, and a side story to share...

Upon checking in at the Changi Airport Terminal 2, since we had booked on Singapore Airlines, the taxi driver dropped us off at the door closest to Row 4 for Singapore Airlines.  We went straight to the counter without noticing that Row 4 was for Business Class check-in.  The SQ personal was kind enough to ask us if we were on Business Class. Of course... we were not! Hahaha... But still, he was kind enough to check us in.  Probably because there was no queue then.  So, our bags ended up being tagged as Priority Baggage. :)

Upon arriving at the NAIA Terminal 1, we cleared immigration and went to the baggage carousel for our flight.  We have not waited for long when our baggage had turned up!  So, we were one of the firsts to leave the airport.  No crowd, no hassle.

And there's the photo evidence.  How cool is that! :) 

19 June 2010 - Saturday

Tuesday was started early.  2 meetings on the calendar plus a party!

We met up with the Events Coordinator at Hizon's.  Menu finalisation and the reception design were the items on the agenda.  All went well inspite of the initial problems with our schedule and the coordinator's.

Our wedding colours are Fuchsia and Silver, and the theme is Masquerade Ball.  To achieve this effect, we opted for bold colors for the flowers for the table centerpieces.  Less glass and more metal to achieve the "loopy" and "lacey" effects.

After the meeting with the caterer, we went to pay Malou Castillejos a visit.  She's making my wedding dress, and on this trip I am scheduled for a gown fitting.  We were joking if Lord needs to cover up his eyes so he does not see me in the wedding dress. :))  But it should still be okay for him to see it as the dress is still in the works.  

When I put the dress on, I can almost imagine how it would look like on THE day.  I just hope I don't put on any more weight.  So really, I need to take my diet and working out seriously.  Well, I still have 2-3 months.  Crossing my fingers... and toes... I can at least keep my current weight. :))

The last leg of the Saturday plans was to attend Yuan's first birthday party at The Oasis Manila in San Juan.  George and Pia threw a great party!  All of the guests, especially the children, had a wonderful time.  The food was great.  The cotton candy and "dirty ice cream" really got me excited.  It's been a while since I had these popular Pinoy street delicacies.  There was also a face painting booth, too bad we didn't get to try it.  But the real highlight of the party was the magic show performed by Pinoy Got Talent Finalist Alakim. :)

Well, we didn't really know him. So we were kinda puzzled why the guests were rushing up to him to take photos when he has not even started his performance.  But when the host introduced him, it cleared it up for us. Actually, I recalled him only when he started doing his butterfly act.  I think I caught that episode of him auditioning on TFC.  And indeed, his act was amazing.  He's one funny guy, too.  I almost wanted to ask Lord if we can have  him in the wedding programme, but then dismissed it after I realised I was just awestruck! :P

Heavy rains started to pour during the party.  But we we're lucky to have hailed a taxi cab quickly, and the trip home was a smooth ride. 

We spent the night at my family's place in Caloocan.  Had tinapa for dinner.  SARAP!!! I super missed it!

We were so tired that day, but it was all good.