Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cookie Wedding Journal: 2 Months Away

1.5 years after the proposal happened, we are now finally down to the final stretch of this greate Cookie Wedding Adventure.  Then the real fun begins! :)  We can't wait to see the fruit of all our efforts (and money spent! hahaha)  But seriously, the most important thing, we can't want to start our journey to forever.

So, it's just two months away...  What's our game plan?  Planning is a done deal.  So now we deal with the details. 


The invitations are not yet out, but they will be soon (crossing fingers)...  And I am so excited to hand them out.  The concept is my own, and I am appreciating all the help and valuable inputs from Mindy, my coordinator.  The idea is quite creative and non-traditional, but I am sure our guests will find it so "Cookies".

We still need to finalise the names of the sponsors.  We have to put in their complete names to keep it formal. Well at least that part we'll stick with the traditional. :P

We had a little doubt deciding whether to specify our preference to recieve cash in lieu of gifts.  Most wedding forums will say it's taboo.  An invitation card should be to express the couple's intention to invite the guest to celebrate and not imply that guests are required to bring gifts along.  But there is also a question of guests needing a clue as to what the couple needs to get them on their way to married life.  And a polite hint should be appreciated.  I just will just go for the subtle clue.  After all, it's not really about whether guests bring gifts or not, we just need to see our invited guests present and enjoying the merriment of the ocassin with us. :) 


This is still in the works.  And we thought 150 is too small, but actually we have still not completed filled up the seats! :))

So what's the criteria.  Of course, family comes first!  But we're sticking to first degree relatives.  Well, at least those who we would want to share this happy ocassion with us.  We'd love to have our close friends to be there too to wish us well. 

But the most important of all is, we'd love our invited guests to be there for us to share our happiness, and not to give their opinion on my dress, the venue, the food, or the couple being overweight. :P  *hint hint*


The wedding cake is part of our caterer's package.  So we'll just take whatever they have to offer.  Personally, I am not such a fan of cake, so for me, it's really just for cutting. And I feel that nobody really eats the wedding cake, or is it just me? :))

For the wedding cake, I'd want to have a damask design on it. Something like the photo on the left. I know having a bride and groom cake topper is already outdated, but I think it would be cute if we'll have one on our wedding cake. What do you think?

In the recent weddings that we have attended, the usual wedding giveaway is pastry - usually colorful and yummy cupcakes.  Gone were the days of dust collector giveaways.  :P  Well, as mentioned early, you're dealing with a creative Bride-zilla here, so no cupcakes.  Instead, we're having cookies! :)  You must know why, right? :)   Butter cookies with the damask design to match the cake FTW! :)


We are still looking at having it at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.  We're still deciding if Lord and I will have it at the same hotel.  We'll decide on this soon, so we can book the rooms too.
A few more small details to be ironed out include -
  1. Wedding Liturgy and Vows - I already have the copy.  Just need to go through it.  We must provide the final copy to Fr. Rodel a month before the wedding, so now this is on the top of the list.
  2. Entourage "Thank You" presents - Just a token to show our appreciation.  Need to go shopping for this but we're still stumped as to what to get.  Ideas, please?
  3. Cookie AVP - I have always made AVPs for friends, why not make one for our own wedding. Good idea? Just need to find time to get this done.  And I need to start digging out for our old photos.  We should have a gazillion being together for 4 years now.  :)
  4. Transportation - Should we provide this? 
  5. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - Ideas please...
  6. Guest Seating - After we have finalised the guest list of course!

Well, I am sure it will be unrealistic to say that all will run perfectly on the actual day.  Murphy's Law will always find itself some way to show up in the picture when we least expect it.  But for all the effort and thought the everybody behind the scenes had put in, it will all be worthwhile.  Because we know... well, I certainly can attest to it that that day will be all about Lord and Jenny, which is what the Cookie Wedding event is about really.  It should reflect the personality of the couple, and not some hodgepodge, smorsgasbord of ideas from bridal magazines or wedding web forums. All that should matter is what the couple wants.  After all it is the couple's day! Say yes? :)